On Dec. 19, M-Eighty participated in the marathon of a lifetime. With the world record for freestyle length in his sights, the MC knocked it out of the park by rapping for an insane length of nine hours, fifteen minutes and fifteen seconds straight. The 'Guinness World Records' organization is currently in the process of recognizing the achievement and will be officially reviewing the footage before crowning M-Eighty with the honor.

"Today was an amazing feat and a marvelous accomplishment for myself as an artist and as a person," said M-Eighty in a press release. "Right here, right now I have something that no one can take away from me or try to discredit. I thank my many hip-hop inspirations and those who attended today's event for allowing me to conquer this goal. I feel like I have finally done something that even the people who hate me have no choice but to respect and congratulate and that is a rare and good feeling."

M-Eighty's epic effort beat the previous record holder, D.O., by about 15 minutes. According to Hip Hop DX, Supernatural also once freestyled for nine hours, but the effort was never officially recognized.

In a heartwarming holiday twist, M-Eighty is planning to use the resulting press in order to raise money for a secondary school in Nigeria. He claims the effort has already helped raise $30,000 for the new institution located in the Bodo River States of Nigeria. Donations can be made to the Timmy Foundation.