Love & Hip Hop gave us a treat this week with not one, but two episodes. And over the course of the two-hour special, the reality show brought many of the season's ongoing problems to their breaking points.

Things got heavy for Cardi B and her (sometimes) professional relationship with her producer, Swift. Following their kiss, Cardi told Swift that she wouldn't sleep with him--she wanted to keep things committed to her man, Tommy. But she continued to flirt and even used Swift's phone when hers died. And while borrowing Swift's phone, she found Asia's messages to her boyfriend--which were about staying away from Cardi. She started beef with Asia and also confronted Swift about it.

Things came to a head when Asia surprised Swift with some romance in his room. She was unpleasantly surprised when he walked in with Cardi; and when Asia immediately started to freak out, Cardi went into defense mode and attacked the other woman. Security quickly got involved, and by the end of the fight, Asia broke up with Swift.

Meanwhile, Swift couldn't believe Cardi would lay her hands on anyone and confront her about it. Cardi was still heated from the last argument and lashed out at Swift -- telling him that he was no longer on the tour. Swift looked more hurt than angry, especially since he always had Cardi's back. But when you mess with her, she takes no prisoners.

Even though Cardi thought she had every right to attack when she did, her sister set her straight and told her that Swift didn't deserve that treatment--especially his being fired. The ever-stubborn Cardi saw the error of her ways, apologized to Swift and asked him to be part of her tour again.

Meanwhile, Snoop was still in hot water with J. Adrienne. But before they chatted, J. went to visit Sofi Green, who started this mess for J. and her woman. Crashing her audition, J. confronted Sofi in front of everyone. The two started fighting and eventually had to be separated by security. Following that run-in, she met with Snoop and put her in the doghouse, too.

Sky and Drewski have been on the rocks since Bianca came into their lives. And after the ladies' argument at Sky's party, things needed to get better fast if Sky and Drewski were going to stay together. However things didn't look great when the couple had a chat. After discussing who would feature on the DJ's single, "Make It Official," Drewski threw Sky a low blow and told her that he was an upgrade to the men who used to pass her around like a basketball. Sky wouldn't stand for that and defended herself but ended up walking away upset. Drewski knew he went a little far but felt that he had to go there. Meanwhile, he continued to record the track with Bianca but also say that they had to keep it professional. Unfortunately for Sky, their definition of "professional" meant that flirting was acceptable.

DJ Self had his eyes set on signing Mariahlynn to Gwinin and make her its "First Lady." But when Rich found out, he warned Self that Mariahlynn was a little crazy and would inevitably screw him over. Self still optimistically gave Mariahlynn a contract; and she handed it over to her lawyer to make sure everything was good. Although she still had some reservations, she was ready to make that leap and went to a Gwinin even with Sky. But then when Mariahlynn saw Major Galore, a singer signed to Gwinin, name herself the "First Lady," Mariahlynn knew she couldn't work with Self. Feeling a little duped, she ripped up the contract and threw it at him.

Yandy had been trying to work things out with Mendeecees' baby mamas. Unfortunately, Erika and Samantha had other plans. So when they all met during a party for the children, both Erika and Samantha double teamed and unleashed their rage at Yandy. Meanwhile Yandy quickly told Erika that she was just a woman that Mendeecees knocked up and was never in a relationship with him. While there were no table flipped or drinks thrown, it's obvious that this is far from over.

Finally, Rich finally revealed that he had been dating a 24-year-old paralegal in Los Angeles for the past six months. And since he seemed so serious about her, everyone was shocked, especially his daughter, Ashley. And since she will be staying with Rich for a little bit, he thought it would be a good idea to meet each other. Unfortunately, Ashley wasn't prepped for it and ended up interrogating and insulting Jade. Following that meeting, Jade and Rich had dinner, which ended in a fight that questioned the foundation of their relationship. And to make matters worse, Monique crashes the affair.

Why is Monique back in New York City? Did Rich invite her? Find out next week.