MariahLynn was caught in a love triangle with Cisco Rosado and Rich Dollaz in last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop. However, despite feeling two-timed by both the two guys, MariahLynn seemed to walk out of a bad situation at the right now. The moment she walked out, Rich and Cisco got into their own issues regarding Diamond Strawberry last season , which Rich admitted was a girl he never cared about. This sparked a fire in Cisco and caused him to lunge at his fellow creep. The two start fighting, and it looks like the Creep Squad is falling apart.

After the two are separated, Cisco tries to salvage what he could still have with MariahLynn. But it's too late, she's done.

Meanwhile, Rich brings up the brawl between him and Cisco to third Creep Squad member Peter Gunz, who feels that they need to hash out their issues. Although they do refer to themselves as Creeps, they're all really good friends. So what does Peter do? Bring the three members of the squad together to talk it out--though we'll need to find out what happens with this next week.

Yorma Hernandez is flying on cloud nine about her revived relationship with DJ Self. However her sister, Cimary, is still suspicious about his fidelity. While the two sisters are having lunch, Cimary plays Self's most recent show where he calls a new girl, Rose, at her shop, Beauty Bar. The two sound like they're flirting, making Yorma worried about her relationship once again. So Yorma and Cimary go to Beauty Bar and meet Rose, who explains that she's been dealing with Self for years. The news sets Rose and Cimary off, and the two start trashing Rose's shop until security and producers had to break up the commotion.

But if you think Yorma's going to let Self off that easily, think again. She heads straight for Power 105 HQ to give him a talking to. While Self said he never slept with Rose, he did admit that they kissed. While they didn't have sex, Yorma was just done with all of it and breaks up with Self.

Yorma and Self might be over, but Remy Ma is focused on getting her wedding together. After she dropped a bomb and told Papoose that she wants to change the venue, he reminded her (after agreeing to the venue change) that she still need to make things right with her mom.

She reluctantly agreed. So Papoose invited Remy's mom over for the talk. After seeing all the side eye Remy was throwing, the two ladies actually had a civilized conversation -- something we don't always get to see on this show. After her mom explained that she thought Remy didn't want her to have anything to do with the wedding, Remy explained herself and officially invited her mom.

Now that the rough part is over, Remy is ready to get her wedding back on track. But first she needs to make amends with her good friend Rah Ali. So what better place to bury the hatchet than a boxing ring, right? The two finally talk and Rah agrees to help out.

There's one catch. Earlier on in the episode, Remy reached out to Yandy Smith-Harris to also help with the wedding planning. While that might not be a bad thing, Yandy and Rah are not on the best of terms since they manage different members of BBOD. With this competition, it's clear that the two might bring that rivalry spirit to Remy's wedding.

Sparks are clearly going to fly between these two, but we'll have to wait till next week to see how that all unfolds.