Peter Gunz was stuck between a rock and a hard place in last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop. After finding out that Tara Wallace was five months pregnant and was too far along to get an abortion, Peter had no choice but to tell Amina Buddafly. And this week, we see how that whole situation pans out.

Unsurprisingly, Amina doesn't take the news well and begins to sob -- not only because he played her again; she's also still getting over the fact that she got rid of her own child. And although we never fully trusted Peter, Amina finally sees that her husband is no good for her and tells him things are over. But are they really?

Amina quickly called her step-daughter Whitney to discuss the situation, and she encourages Amina to take Peter out of her life because he's no good. Considering Whitney is saying this about her own dad, we can only hope that Amina can finally move on from him.

While Amina and Peter's marriage looks like its crumbling, Cardi B is looking forward to walking down the aisle. Earlier this season, Cardi B explained that she's in a relationship with a man who's currently in jail. This week, she admitted to her younger sister, Hennessy, that she wanted to say "I do" while her man is still incarcerated. Hennessy calls her ratchet for wanting to get married in jail but also called Cardi out for wanting to marry a man she's only really been with for two months.

But Cardi was so wrapped up in her own happy world, that she didn't really listen. However when Tommy calls during a business meeting with her manager about an endorsement deal, Cardi begins to reconsider. When she tells Tommy that she's been so busy getting her career together, he advises her both to relax and to basically become his housewife when he gets out of prison. The idea of giving up on her career rubs Cardi the wrong way, and she tells Tommy that maybe they should hold off getting married. But even though Cardi and Tommy might not necessarily be on the same page regarding the future, she's still got some love for her man.

Cardi's career might be doing well, but Bianca Bonnie isn't doing too well. After she and Miss Moe Money fought in the studio last week, Yandy Smith is ready to drop B as client. But before Yandy does it, she gives Bianca one last chance -- along with an earful of what she needs to do to get her career running again. However, Bianca is so hung up on Moe and all the haters that she can't focus. Yandy reminds B that music is a business, and she needs to grow up. We'll see if Bianca actually does.

Last night's episode ends with a bomb that blows up in MariahLynn's face. Throughout the episode, it's clear that she's been playing both Rich Dollaz and Cisco Rosado. At the top of the show, MariahLynn is crying on Rich's doorstep because her mom got arrested again, and she's well into her third trimester. Because Cisco wasn't answering his phone, she didn't know who else to turn to. While Rich calms her down, MariahLynn seems to turn the mood into something more playful, which Rich is hesitant to play with.

Despite her flirtation with original creep, MariahLynn tells Cisco that she saw Rich. And while it's good to come clean, Cisco quickly becomes suspicious about what's going on between Rich and MariahLynn and tests her by saying they should get STI tests, which she agrees to.

MariahLynn really had to make a choice by the end of the episode, and she did -- it's Cisco. However after DJ Self's concert, Rich tells both Self and Rah Ali that he's been smashing MariahLynn and puts Rah into a fit.

To end things on an explosive note, Rich takes MariahLynn out to talk about a few things. And while they discuss their "six minutes in heaven," Cisco joins the party. MariahLynn is caught but doesn't stop to defend herself. She also finds out that, despite what Cisco said to her earlier, he tells Rich that the only reason Cisco got with MariahLynn was to get back at his fellow creep. Furious at what happened, MariahLynn backs out of the situation and tells them both to go to hell.

This love triangle may be over, but you know there's more drama where that came from. So tune in next week.