Last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop left off with a heated argument between Tara Wallace, Amina Buddafly and Peter Gunz, which ended with Amina not only slapping Peter but also announcing that she's expecting their second child.

While you'd think this would shake Tara about her relations with Peter, it actually doesn't. Instead she then follows Amina toward the elevator and throws back how she was the most important woman in Peter's life and that Amina was nothing. Tara also threw out that Amina only got pregnant to keep Peter around. But Amina reminds her that Tara's the side piece while she became the wife. While Peter has cheated on both women, it's crazy to see the two go against each other over the man who played them both. So who's side are you on?

Following the baby announcement, Amina confides in her twin sister about the new bun in the oven and breaks down. While she loves being a mom, it kills her to know that the baby growing inside her is also Peter's. Amina is so ready to cut ties with him, but this new baby could jeopardize that.

Continuing the family thread, Yandy Smith-Harris and Mendeecees Harris are just counting the days (or more like hours) till they find out how long he needs to go to jail for. But while he's still free, the couple invite Remy Ma and Papoose to drinks and get their perspective of having a spouse in the slammer. Remy explained the hardship she went through especially with trying to get close to her son again. She also explains the difficulties of getting Pap to see her side of things.

Despite all the serious talk, the two couples are glad to be able to confide in each other about these issues, and Yandy finally gets why Mendeecees has been acting the way he has been. Meanwhile, Mendeecees now knows he has to talk to his son, Lil Mendeecees, about what's about to happen. So after he does some charity work in a community garden in Newark, N.J., Mendeecees talks to his son about how he needs to be strong and know that his dad never abandoned him. He also reminds him that he will have to be the big male figure to his siblings. And while this heart-to-heart conversation will make you reach for a tissue, Lil Mendeecees lightens the mood by begging his dad to stop kissing him in public. His dad tells him that no matter how old he gets, Lil Mendeecees will always be his baby.

On the hip-hop front, Mariahlynn didn't really reach her potential at DJ Self's cypher showcase a few episodes ago. So she shows him what she's got in the studio with a freestyle, which you can watch below. Did she redeem herself with these bars?

While the two are talking shop, Cardi B shows up to talk about her music with Self. When she sees Mariahlynn in the studio, she thought that this is another one of Self's side girls but soon finds out that he's just a friend. Unfortunately for Self, Cardi also finds out about the cypher that her man didn't invite her to. Mariahlynn, seeing the tension in the room, tries to make an exit but first invites Cardi to her birthday party. Once Mariahlynn is gone, Self tries to diffuse the situation with Cardi but also hopes that she doesn't show up to the party because he's supposed to bring his girlfriend Yorma Hernandez to make their relationship officially public. This obviously can't end well.

But before we get into that, let's see what's up with Sexxy Lexxy and Miss Moe Money of BBOD. After last week's spat with Rah Ali, Mo Money seeks the advice of Yandy and explains the issues she's been having with Rah. Since Yandy hasn't been a fan of Rah's managing for a while, she tells her to get out of that situation. Unfortunately, that forms some issues between her and Lexxy. While the two talk it out one day at the park, things go downhill when they meet up with Rah. After the arguing starts up again between Rah and Moe, Rah doesn't nothing else but drop them as clients. But with Rah Ali leaving, that also means the events and opportunities she set up for BBOD are gone as well.

Back to Mariahlynn's party, she's was glowing when she saw DJ Self and Yorma walking hand-in-hand. And before could wonder why, Rich Dollaz shows up and gives the little blonde a hug. Mariahlynn admitted that they used to date and have fooled around once in a while. And now that he and Moniece are longer a thing, she believes he's the right guy to fulfill her womanly needs when she wants them to be taken care of.

While things are getting heated in Mariahlynn's corner, an explosion is ready to happen by Self. Cardi B actually shows up to the party and starts flirting with Self. The moment she gets too close, Yorma is ready to pounce. And while she finds out that Self has been cheating, Yorma's love for her man is so strong that she's ready to fight Cardi. Unsurprisingly a brawl breaks loose causing security to jump in and carry Cardi out while holding Yorma back.

The fight is obviously only getting started. So be sure to tune in next week to find out what happens between Yorma, Cardi B and the rest of the cast on Love & Hip-Hop.

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