In last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop, we saw the return of fan favorites like Yandy Smith-Harris, Amina Buddafly and Tara Wallace as well as the debuts of Remy Ma, Miss Moe Money, Sexxy Lexxy, Bianca Bonnie and Mariahlynn. In this week's episode, we are introduced to stripper Cardi B. She's loud, proud and doesn't care what you think about her. With her unfiltered and aggressive attitude, she's sure to ruffle some feathers this season.

Aside from her outrageous personality, we find out that she's been hooking up with DJ Self. While things are more on the fun casual side, Cardi doesn't know that her DJ man candy has been in a relationship with dancer Yorma Hernandez for about a year. While Cardi is still in the dark, Yorma has had her suspicions for some time and calls out Self when she found some thing in their show that wasn't hers. While he's obviously playing her, he swears that the jewelry Yorma found was the maid who came in that week. But why would a maid decide to take a shower in her boss' place during her break? Well, we'll have to find out and see how this love triangle pans out.

Speaking of love triangles, it seems like Peter Gunz's relationships with Amina and Tara has been going on forever. And this week, neither woman can take it anymore. They both agreed to live in the same building for the sake "of the children," but we all know that Peter's been in bed with both ladies. Amina tries to sort it out when she confronts Tara during her workout. When Tara explains she has no idea where Peter is, she finally gets Peter, Amina and her into one room to hash everything out. Unfortunately, what Tara thought would be both women against Peter turns into an all out screaming match.

Amina is so fed up with everything that she not only slaps Peter but also announces that she's got a bun in the oven as she walks out.

Meanwhile, Remy Ma and Papoose are ready to plan their wedding. However, they need to get their teenage children on the same page. Aside from the wedding news, Remy also has her heart set on making sure these kids know what's what and how they should be acting. After she lays down her law, Remy asks her son to walk her down the aisle and Papoose's daughter to be a bridesmaid. Both happily agree and all is well in the house of Pap and Ma. Now why can't all blending families be as smooth as that?

Although things are good on the family front, Papoose is still iffy on Rah Ali being involved in the wedding, especially planning it. And because he loves Remy so much and wants to protect her, the rapper warns her about her really good friend.

Regardless of Pap's feelings about Rah, she's got her hands full with Moe Money. When she has a meeting with both Moe and Sexxy Lexxy, the conversation quickly escalates and pushes Moe over the edge. Both Lexxy and Moe have explained in the previous episode that they had tons of managers who have tried to split BBDO up, and it's clear that Rah is no different. However, it seems that this bond between the two women isn't as strong as we think. When Moe is done with her argument with Rah, she walks away. However, Lexxy doesn't follow. Although she tries to defend her musical partner, Moe sees this as an act of disloyalty and calls Lexxy out in front of everyone. Do we see a band breakup soon?

And after the bomb that Mendeecees Harris threw down on Yandy last week, the boss lady got it together to make sure that her business is running. She has a meeting with Bianca about the fight she had with Moe and DJ Self's cypher. While Yandy sees potential in Bianca, she can't deal with her petty immaturity. So she gives her a talking to and tells her that she's still not sure if their working relationship will work.

Lastly, Rich Dollaz has a new female living with him in this season. But before you think that he's forgotten about Moniece from Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, he hasn't. But the girl moving in is his 16-year-old daughter, Ashley. She's staying with him for a few weeks, though we later find out that it may actually be more than that, while her mom is away.

Rich and Ashley clearly have a good father-daughter relationship. However, Rich quickly goes into dad mode when he asks Ashley about her dating life. When he asks her if she is a virgin, she tells him no -- something that throws him for a loop. At that moment, we see yet another side of Rich where he warns her not to get with guys like him (at least he knows he's a creep). He also reminds her to use protection.

After being rattled by his daughter's news, Rich speaks to her mom, Miracle, about it. Since Miracle is quite religious, she doesn't take to the news well and even considers not doing her mission work. However, Rich assures her that he's got it handled.

From business deals to love triangles, there's a lot to look forward to this season. So be sure to tune in next week.

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