After weeks of being on the West Coast, Love & Hip Hop returns to the Big Apple, where it all began. And while there are some familiar faces in the show's sixth season, there are a lot of new people who we can't wait to see bring the drama to the VH1 show.

Let's start things off with Remy Ma. After serving a six-year prison sentence, she's finally out and ready to get back into the spotlight -- where she belongs. Performing at the Stage 48 in Hell's Kitchen, the Bronx native shows everyone she's still got it with "Whuteva" and wows everyone. Still high off her performance, she chills with Rah Ali, who praises her performance.

But even though Remy wants to celebrate a great show with Rah, her hubby, Papoose, comes in like clockwork to take her home. While she's out of jail, she's still on probation and is apparently ordered to stick to a strict curfew. Papoose was completely heartbroken when his wife had to go jail and is determined to make sure she stays out. So while he has to be the party pooper, he has to do what he's got to do. While at home Remy explains to Pap that while she knows the terms of her probation, she wants to enjoy her life and not have anyone tell her what to do anymore.

However, Papoose sets her straight, and she agrees. Now that this issue is settled for now, Pap brings up their own relationship and family. And considering his hard hip-hop exterior on the stage we see his softer side when he tells Remy that he wants to have a child together. Loving her new freedom, she's taken aback by this and explains she's not ready. Although her husband is disappointed, he supports the decision. But he's got something else up his sleeve. While the two have been married for a while, they never had the wedding she's always dreamed of. So he brought her to this castle and told her that he's booked it for their dream nuptials. And if you thought that was sweet, he tops it off by getting down on one knee and proposing to Remy again -- making this one of the most romantic gestures we've seen on Love & Hip Hop.

The most romantic couple of last season, Yandy Smith-Harris and Mendeecees Harris are back for season six. And although they're loving the family life with their three beautiful children, their current apartment just isn't big enough for everyone. And now that Yandy is finally back to working mode, she's ready to make some more money so they can get the home of their dreams. Unfortunately, Mendeecees throws a wrench in that plan when he talks about the fact that he's probably going back to jail after signing that plea bargain. While Yandy is trying to wrap her head around the situation, he tells her that this was unfortunately a big possibility because of the charges against him.

While Yandy was getting hopeful, Mendeecees met up with his wife at the park to tell her the bad news. He found out that his sentencing date is coming near. Not only does that mean he could go away for five to 20 years, but he could also have start his sentence right at that moment. Despite the heartbreaking news, he tells her that he will be there for them no matter what and especially be the father that he didn't have to his children. (Since this episode was originally filmed, The Boombox reported on Dec. 1 that Mendeecees will be serving 97 months in prison.)

Despite the problems Yandy is facing in her personal life, she's got to get back to work. She meets with a new (old) artist in the studio -- Bianca Bonnie, better known as Young B back in the day. After her hit "Chicken Noodle Soup," Bianca has been out of the spotlight and has definitely grown up. The only problem is not too many people remember her. So this is where Yandy comes in. She gets her into DJ Self's cypher showcase. B is so excited and grateful she doesn't want to disappoint. And luckily for her, she actually kills it onstage. It looks like she's still got it after all.

Wondering who went up against B in the showcase? First there's Mariahlynn from Newark, N.J. While still an up-and-comer, she's longtime friends with DJ Self, who got her into the showcase. But just because she's a petite thing, she makes it clear not to mess with her because she gets what she wants, especially with the men. Then there's Miss Moe Money and Sexxy Lexxy, who are known as BBOD. Currently managed by Rah Ali, they both bring the fire to the stage. Unfortunately, they don't feel like their getting the exposure that they deserve. And then when they find Bianca there, Moe is ready to pounce. Apparently, the two got into a fight in the past where Bianca hit Moe so hard the purple-coifed rapper needed to get 15 stitches. The bad blood still runs deep, and the two actually get into another fight at the showcase.

Peter Gunz was left in a tight spot at the end of the fifth season when Amina Buddafly and Wallace refused to take him back. However, it seems that old habits really do die hard because in the season premiere we not only see that he's back to cuddling in bed with Tara but she's also moved closer to him. But we're not talking across the street, Tara and her kids moved only a few floors away in the same building that Amina and her daughter live in. What makes this worse is the fact that when Peter gets home to Amina, it's clear she knows where her husband has been. She is furious about this but still leaves us wondering -- why doesn't she just get a divorce?

After seeing the first episode of season six, it's obvious that a lot will be going down in New York. So be sure to tune in next week to see what happens next on Love & Hip Hop.

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