Kanye West might finally be as major as he's always claimed to be. According to reports, actress/singer Liza Minelli was refused the opportunity to meet Kanye at Paper Magazine's 25th Anniversary party at the New York City Public Library Tuesday night (Sept. 8).

Kanye was talking with friends, after posing for photos with blond ambition, Amber Rose, when Liza's rep attempted to introduce him to the 'Cabaret' star, and was refused. Though Liza's handler tried to reason with Kanye's security, he was told she'd have to wait her turn, just like everybody else.

"Liza's guy was a small guy, and this bodyguard was huge," said a partygoer. "The guy kept going on about how Liza would be honored to meet Kanye, but they needed to go right then. The guard wasn't budging, and even called him 'little man' when telling him to wait."

Minelli's handler reportedly employed a Hollywood technique, asking the bodyguard whether "the guy Kanye's talking to right now has an Oscar? Because Liza does and right now she's waiting for him."

Minelli's rep then pushed past Kanye's security, grabbing the rapper by the hand and dragging him across the dancefloor, to Minelli's area, which she had just left to go perform.

"The embarrassed handler had to explain to a then-very upset Kanye why he'd forcefully made he, Amber Rose, and their entire entourage [go] all the way there for nothing...Kanye finally just shook his head in disgust and walked away."

Can't these celebs just let Kanye live?