Lil Wayne's Tha Carter V still doesn't have a release date and he continues to have drama with Cash Money Records, but the Young Money boss isn't leaving his fans without music for too long.

After releasing the visuals for “HollyWeezy,” last month, Weezy is keeping his following entertained with another video for “Selsun Blue,” his spin Troy Ave’s “All About the Money.” Wayne's effort appears on his Sorry 4 the Wait 2 mixtape,

The skate park enthusiast brings you into a day in his life outside the studio. He shows off half-pipe tricks and other moves, which he raps about on the track. "Skatin' underneath the bridge, dead body found / Do a trick over the body, hope he smilin' down / Do a trick off of some stairs, land on solid ground," he rhymes.

Weezy takes a breather to smoke a few joints and even indulges in what looks like prescription meds as he pops a pill on camera in between tokes of his blunt.

The three-minute long video, produced by Rob Degruy TV, reminds us more of a vlog than a traditional video set. Although he’s still promoting Sorry 4 the Wait 2, Tunechi’s Free Weezy Album is his focus while Tha Carter V is in limbo.

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