Lil Wayne knows he is testing the patience of his fans. With 'Tha Carter IV' now being released on Aug. 29, Weezy will be dropping a mixtape titled 'Sorry 4 the Wait' to hold fans over until his new album's release.

Young Money president, and artist, Mack Maine dropped news of the mixtape via Twitter Tuesday (June 14). "BREAKING NEWS!!! Lil Wayne mixtape "SORRY 4 THE WAIT" coming soon!!!!! #C4boom," he tweeted.

On a related note, yesterday, California rapper Lil B excitedly revealed that he recorded a new song with Weezy the previous night. Speculation soon began over where the song they recorded would be appearing. The Based God confirmed, via Twitter, that it will be

on Weezy's forthcoming mixtape. "Lil Wayne feat Lil B coming soon off Lil Wayne new mixtape !! Coming soonnnnn! @liltunechi @LilBTheBasedGod - Lil B," he tweeted.

There is no information as to when 'Sorry 4 the Wait' will be available for download at this time. There also is no release date for Lil B's upcoming new album, 'I'm Gay.'

Watch Lil Wayne's 'John' feat. Rick Ross
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