Lil Poopy is rapping with the big dogs now. The 13-year-old rapper has inked a four-year deal with Epic/Sony Records.

Lil Poopy, whose real name is Luis Rivera Jr., secured his deal alongside his manager, Devon Sydney, and his godfather Luis Andrade. The rap tyke recently made a big splash on the Lifetime reality show The Rap Game and cites Jermaine Dupri as one of his mentors. For the Brockton, Mass. native, signing with Epic fulfills his dream of becoming a major rap star.

“All of the older people – older friends – always underestimated me,” Lil Poopy told The Enterprise. “They like me now. I just want them to know that I’m coming for the top. They better be ready.”

Lil Poopy has been rapping since the age of nine and gained notoriety back in 2013 with the release of his sexually-charged video, “Stay Schemin’ (Remix),” where he was spanking a woman’s behind and making drug references. Recently, his dad, Luis “Fat Louie” Rivera, was one of 60 people charged in a federal drug and guns raid in Boston.

Although he signed a major rap deal, Lil Poopy know what's important, and that's his education. He's about to enter the eighth grade and will receive some home schooling as well as acting lessons.

“School is first,” he said. “Without school, I wouldn’t be doing what I am right now. I need my knowledge.”

Lil Poopy's manager, Devon Sydney, is very confident that he will make an impact in the game. "He likes music. He likes doing what he’s doing," he said. "His career is going to be fine as long as he wants to do it."

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