Not so fast! Contrary to earlier reports, Lil Poopy apparently is not signed to Epic Records.

Several media outlets, including The Boombox, reported that the Brockton, Mass. native inked a four-year deal with the label. However, Epic Records CEO L.A. Reid went on his Twitter account and debunked the reports outright.

"My name is NO, MY sign is NO, My answer is NO," he tweeted.

Many followers thought Reid was talking about pop singer Meghan Trainor, but he clarified that he wasn't talking about her. Furthermore, Laura Swanson, Epic's executive vice president of media and strategic development, told Billboard that the 13-year-old rapper, whose real name Luis Rivera, Jr., didn't secured a contract with the label.

So did Lil Poopy poop on us?

The upstart rhymer has been rapping since the age of nine and gained notoriety back in 2013 with his controversial video, “Stay Schemin’ (Remix),” where he was spanking a woman’s behind and rapping drug references. Lil Poopy, whose father was arrested in June and charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine, also appeared on season one of Lifetime's reality series, The Rap Game.

Recently, Poopy dropped a freestyle track called "Jackson 5." You can listen to it below.

Listen to Lil Poopy's Song "Jackson 5"