"Based God" Lil B went at Joe Budden recently, then immediately apologized and called himself insecure. After releasing his Joe Budden diss song "T-Shirts and Buddens," B tweeted "WHO WANTS TO BE MY NEXT VICTEM IN RAP NO 1 IN THE GAME CAN F-K WITH ME WESTCOAST, DOWNSOUTH ,EASTCOAST, MIDWEST BAY AREA IM GOD OF RAP." God of rap then wrote to Budden, "Ur the true legend and for me coming out at u for no reason was a ho move reguardless if it was for the rap and fun...it aint no regrets its just a learning experience from everything you do...yall learn from me being insicure and thinking people don't respect my lyrical abilty me turned me to a hater on sum1 who's dope...all I want is to be seen for what I no I am deep down and that is a legend." Drugs! [LilBtheBasedGod]

Meanwhile, M.I.A. continues to diss Lady Gaga for being, everything bad. "Lady Gaga is someone who lives completely within [the industry]. That's what you can get if you say 'yes.' I would have those outfits on and my hair would look like that and those are the songs I would sing. Everybody else on my label's budget would get cut in order for my Grammy performance with Elton John to be banging." I'm definitely saying yes from now on. [Spread]