Kid Cudi and McLovin aka Christopher Mintz-Plasse channel '70s era rock stars in the video for 'Erase Me' -- the rapper's lead single off his upcoming album.

Cudi plays a Jimi Hendrix look alike, and along with Mintz-Plasse mocks all the cliches attached to rock and roll. The two sit down for a Rolling Stone interview and throw a wild party, but Kanye West makes a cameo and seems to blend the rock star standards with today's wild celeb lifestyle. While Cudder and McLovin sport wigs and old-school digs, Kanye runs through his verse wearing a neck full of gold chains and rocking his signature crown.

Cudi's sophomore album 'Man on the Moon 2: The Legend of Mr. Rager,' will hit store and online retailers on Nov. 9. Check out the 'Erase Me' video after the jump.

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