Khary Durgans is ready to make an impact. The Providence, R.I. rapper is in a boastful mood for his new single 'Swim Team' featuring Atlanta buzzmaker Rome Fortune. It's a switch in style for Durgans and serves as a taste of what to expect on his upcoming 'Swim Team' EP with producer Mike Irish.

Durgans had this to say about the track. "The song started with Mike Irish wanting to produce a track for me and Rome back in May," he explains. "Mike and I had no clue we were going to even make an EP at this point, so I think the song inspired the project. It's pretty left field from what I normally do so I enjoyed the challenge and Rome jumped on it like light work. My last project had a bit more of a humble tone and it went under the radar of a lot of people, so I made a song to get out that aggression."

Durgans raps, "Khary f--king Durgans, that's the name though / A n---a on top any angle, my flow LL in a Kangol / They say money don't grow on trees, I be by the branch of a bankroll / Like I ain't say, put a spoon in that b---h, gon make soufflé / My Saturday nights like Tina Fey, thirty n----s, Bobby Boucher / On Kool Aid, don't drink Dasani / Don't need yo b---h, I get punani / Get away, get tsunami, trying to save the world, don't call me Gandhi."

If this song's increased your appetite for more Khary Durgans, you can download his debut album 'Love And Anchors' right now via his official site.

Listen to Khary Durgans' 'Swim Team' featuring Rome Fortune