Khary Durgans delivers a breath of fresh air in the form of 'The Yellow Raincoat Pt. 3,' which is the third single of his summer series. The new entry maintains the energy of his prior two.

Prof.Logik's warped riff combined with sunny synths give the new cut an accessible feel. It definitely helps that Durgans colors the kaleidoscopic production even further with some solid witticisms.

"I could live without you, you are one kidney/ Me and Prof.Logik that's a done dizzy/ But I ain't s--- until I get a deal with Bun Bizzie," Durgans rhymes. Fresh Daily delivers the closing verse to give 'The Yellow Raincoat Pt. 3' a tidy finish.

Catch Khary Durgans perform at New York City's Webster Hall on Oct. 15.

Listen to Khary Durgans' 'The Yellow Raincoat Pt. 3' Feat. Fresh Daily