Has Kevin Hart scored the hottest kicks in the world? From the looks of social media, the comedian has somehow grabbed a pair of Red October Nike Air Yeezy 2 sneakers.

"For my Haters.....REAL REAL REAL BITCHHHEESSSS!!! #TheyMadBecauseIgotMineSoEarly #OhYouMadCuzImStylingOnYou #LittleSwag #Connections #HowDareYou #EnoughSaid," the funny man wrote on Instagram with his new shoes.

Hart apparently received the hot product with the help of KicksOrDie. However, sneaker enthusiasts claim the site has been known to sell knock-off items. Facing much speculation, the 'Real Husbands of Hollywood' actor affirmed that his shoes are the real deal.

Earlier this year, Kim Kardashian also posted a photo of the limited-edition shoes on the social networking site. Kanye West, who created the shoe with Nike, said the Red October release is in limbo. Nike officials have reportedly told the rapper they weren't sure when the shoe would be brought to retail.

The kicks are not for public sale yet.

Now that Kanye has broken ties with Nike for Adidas, shoe enthusiasts have speculated what could become of the elusive shoes and how mere non-celebrities can get a pair themselves. Kicks on Fire made several predictions and share that Nike could do anything from releasing them to special contest winners, re-branding them as something else or just holding onto them forever.