Kevin Gates is known for posting outrageous photos and videos on his Instagram account. Over the weekend, the Baton Rouge rhymer shocked his fans once again with a photo of his deceased grandmother.

The “I Don’t Get Tired” rapper wanted to share with his followers the woman that he affectionately calls his mama. However, the picture left some of his readers aghast, including us.

In the photo, Gates’ hand is covering the woman's mouth. “Viewing the body of the woman I called my mama before my show, I'm a miss you I love you forever R.I.P.,” he wrote.

Now without any explanation, the photo can be perceived as ghoulish. Some of his fans even accused Gates of trying to show off his huge watch, while others felt that it was inappropriate to show his deceased grandmother on the ‘Gram. One person wrote, “This isn't appropriate for Instagram. Visiting her body is personal and should be private, not used to get attention. RIP.”

However, Gates posted a 15-second video explaining why he was covering his grandmother’s mouth. Apparently, the rapper was hiding her broken jaw, which she suffered when they put her in a body bag.

Still, the photo is a little jarring. We haven’t seen a rapper post a selfie of a dead family member on Instagram before. Nevertheless, we send our heartfelt condolences to Gates and his family.

Do you think Kevin Gates posting a photo of his deceased grandmother on Instagram is inappropriate? Tell us in the comments below.

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