Did Kevin Gates witness a shooting at one of his concerts? That's what police want to ask him after gunfire broke out at a show he was performing at in Kentucky Sunday (Jan. 25).

TMZ reports that the cops want to speak with the "I-slept-with-my-cousin" rapper because he was allegedly onstage during the shooting and was in the perfect position to witness everything.

A video from the concert shows the 28-year-old jumping into the crowd and performing, though it's not clear if this was before or after gun shots rang out. One person received a non-life threatening injury, and another was hurt when people were stampeding out of the venue.

So far, Gates is keeping quiet about the incident since police have not been able to reach him. Is he following the controversial no snitching rule or did he really not see anything? Perhaps he'll head to Instagram like usual to address the situation. One thing we do know: we'll hear "I don't get tired" before his 15 seconds are up.

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