Juicy J travels to "crazy long time ago" Memphis, Egypt (get it?) in the elaborate visuals for Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse.'

The songstress transforms into the Egyptian queen Cleopatra in the colorful video -- if you're into pink sand, feline-like women donning gold wraps and blue men flashing their muscles, this one's for you. While she sits upon her throne, Katy Patra is visited by kings vying for the chance to win her heart.

Rather than indulge peacefully in the presents offered (she burns her tongue on flaming hot Cheetos at one point), the woman in charge makes her suitors feel her wrath.

Then the rapper, decked out in a navy blue suit jacket with flashy gold accents, pops out of a sarcophagus to deliver his lines about the queen. "She's a beast, I call her karma / She eat your heart out like Jeffrey Dahmer," he rhymes.

And of course a Juicy J appearance wouldn't be complete without some stripper poles in the mix.