Kanye West is full of surprises today. While a new site shows a countdown towards Yeezy Season 3, Ye announced that there may be another title for his forthcoming album.

'Ye has gone through three different titles for his upcoming album, So Help Me God, Swish and Waves but with his latest tweet, he may be trolling or telling fans that the album will not be called by either of the previously released titles"There may be a new secret album title," tweeted Yeezy in the wee hours last night (Feb. 8).

Whether he's trolling or not, the rhymer got plenty of retweets on the latest news, which he was quick to brag about. "Caught 10,000 retweets in half a second #facts," he tweeted.

Anything with #facts at the end must be true right?

On the other hand, the countdown -- or count-up to Yeezy Season 3, we should say -- is leading to 4 p.m. on Thursday (Feb. 11.) Although it's still unclear what will happen with the count-up ends. The only hint is left in the background of it, where a video plays.

“The trap life chose me, ‘cause I have to f--- with the monitor on my ankle tonight," says the unknown woman in the video before showing off her ankle monitor next to a pair of red stilettos. There's at least two other men the room with her and it's unclear where the video is heading. It seems fans will have to wait until the countdown ends to see what happens.

Check it out here and see 'Ye's latest tweets below. Is he trolling or telling the truth? Let us know what you think in the comments below.