Less than a year ago, Kanye West had himself blacklisted by the general public after harassing poor little Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards. Even President Obama weighed in on Kanye's mic-hijacking antics, famously calling the Chi-Town musician a "jacka---," but it seems like all might be forgiven now.

According to Us Magazine, West is scheduled to make a triumphant return to this year's VMAs on Sept. 12 to showcase new work from his upcoming, fifth album. Kanye's tweets have hinted that he has plenty in store for fans this year, and his VMA performance might just be his starting point. "More music ... I'm about to drop a bunch of s--- this year ... surprise performances ... guest verses...living in the studio," Kanye wrote on Tuesday, and then followed up saying he might leak something as early as tomorrow.

After a few solitary months of work and regrouping in his Hawaiian recording studio, West has returned to the spotlight full-force, currently performing a series of shows across the globe. During a recent concert at Singapore's SINGfest, Ye took the time to apologize to fans for his hurtful antics and promised fans that he was a changed man.

During his first live Ustream broadcast on Aug. 6, West also revealed that his upcoming album is slated for a November release. The album's second single -- a choice between the songs 'Lost in the World,' and 'All of the Lights' -- is scheduled to drop in approximately two weeks.