Kanye West put his most fashionable foot forward in New York City on Monday night where he was crowned Stylemaker of the Year at the ACE Awards.

The 14th annual ceremony was held at Cipriani 42nd Street, and Mr. West accepted the award for his "personal style and influence on fashion" from the Accessories Council, with a lengthy, emotional and typically Kanye speech. "When they do a magazine of No. 1 New Yorkers or something like that and I'm blatantly left out, I feel like ... It hurts me," Kanye told the crowd. "And I just appreciate the people in this room that are open-minded enough to remember when they were a 5-year-old. To remember when they could color outside the lines, to remember when they could give their opinion honestly without affecting their job, without it affecting their well-being. "

"I thought that's what true art was," he continued. "I thought that's what a true artist was. And to be able to stand up here in front of you guys and be recognized after all of this means a lot to me, and it means a lot for me to say this right now. Convicted right now. Thirty-three-years-old, still creating art. It's rage, it's creativity, it's pain, it's hurt, but it's the opportunity to still have my voice get out there through music. To let my pain hit the radio and thank you for this moment of acceptance."

Other honorees at the award show included tennis player Maria Sharapova, who received the Brand Collaboration Award. Check out the full transcript of Kanye's speech here.

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