During last year's Watch the Throne concert, Kanye West continuously delivered a freestyle at the end of his hit 'Runaway,' crooning to fans in the audience, "If you love someone tonight, hold on to them tight." All of this was done to support his own failed relationships, which he often references in his raps. At a recent concert in Melbourne, Australia, the Chicago native stayed true to form and gave another freestyle over the 'Say You Will' beat, only this time he recalled the story of reaching out to a past lover one late night, which ended up with her shooting down his advances.

West, giving details of the booty call in his rapping-singing voice, has never come clean about the actual truth of story -- who's to know if it's fact or fiction -- but it makes for good news. "Now it's 1:15AM and baby you got to be playin'/ Where you, are you coming are you still coming through?/ She said she's at the club with her girl and it's her girl birthday and she's keeping her longer," he sings.

As the song continues, his ex-lover responds to his middle-of-the-night texts with excuses in the vein of "I need to listen to my favorite Pitbull song before I can come over." Needless to say, she never comes even after West admits he left the door to his New York City pad open just for her, despite the possibilities of being robbed.

'Say You Will' originally appeared on West's fourth studio album '808s & Heartbreak.'

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