The guest list for Prince William's upcoming nuptials has been released and even though the president and first lady didn't make the cut, it appears that Kanye West did. The Chicago emcee's named popped up on the list which includes nearly 1,900 attendees, many of whom are noted as colleagues of royal family.

According to U.K. newspaper the Daily Mail, William and his soon-to-be-bride Kate Middleton were allowed to choose over 1,000 of their guests, who are comprised of friends and even exes. The 28-year-old prince is said to be a huge fan of West's music, which comes as no surprise, since his younger brother Prince Harry commissioned Snoop Dogg to perform at his bachelor party.

Although there is no word yet on whether or not West will attend, if he does decide to hit the ceremony, he will be bumping elbows with the likes of 40 crowned heads of state, including King Abdulla II of Jordan, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei, and the King Mizan Zainal Abidin of Malaysia.

Elton John and David and Victoria Beckham were among the other celebrities invited to attend the wedding. Prince William and Middleton will tie the knot Friday, April 29, at London's famed Westminster Abbey.

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