Ah, pre-Memorial Day. It seems so long ago since Kanye West dropped his new single 'Power,' just last Friday. After making the rounds over the weekend, Ye took to this blog and posted a final mastered version of the track along with some glowing press reviews. The song's official cover art is a George Condo painting entitled 'POWER' that looks like Kanye as some sort of two-faced nutcracker.

West's official version boasts superior sound quality to last week's leak and the vocals have been upped in the mix to make for a clearer listening experience. Instead of a static sample, the King Crimson bit swirls around the mix in a typically masterful touch of production. The end of the song also features some maniacal background laughter now.

Finally, to throw one more curve ball your way, the track shows '???' as the album title when you load it into iTunes. There's already speculation that this could mean 'Good Ass Job' is not the official title of West's new record. Keep in mind that Kanye himself never confirmed the title. Check out the final version on Ye's blog and peep this excellent critical round-up published by Complex that features some of the Internet's finest tastemakers.