Remember that rant by Kanye West about Pusha T during the listening session for his new album, 'My Name Is My Name'? Well, it looks like it might not have been the best idea.

For those who missed it, West went off on an impassioned and inebriated speech of sorts that started off about Pusha's new record and then descended into something else. "I don’t give a f–k about none of these corporations, none of these f–king sell-outs," West shouted. He then added, "We don’t give a f–k about how much goddamn money you make, we make good music.

According to the NY Post, Yeezy's words have ruffled the feathers of potential corporate sponsors. They reported that the rapper/producer is looking for big-name brands to help support some of his projects including his clothing line and various art installations. Apparently one insider told the Post that “Sponsors are scared away because he’s so unpredictable.”

At least the rant created some extra buzz for Pusha's album, 'My Name Is My Name,' which drops Oct. 8.