Kanye West continued his global tour premiering his short film 'Runaway' in Los Angeles on Monday (October 18). West, who introduced the film, stars alongside model Selita Ebanks in the movie, which acts a visual representation of his album 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,' hitting stores November 22.

Seemingly more reserved than in previous appearances, West got down to explaining the concept of the film, which he put together during his self-imposed seclusion following backlash from his comments at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. "This right here is an initiative I wanted to do on 'Late Registration," he told the crowd. "When I work on music, I see the color of the shapes and the sound. I see so many different ideas."

In putting together the music for his album and shooting the film, which was written by director Hype Williams, West revealed that tapping into his inner child is what pushed his creativity to the next level. "I think like a 5-year-old at all times. Like, what would I like before I was taught what not to like."

The visually exhilarating work, which is narrated by tracks from the album, tells a story of West meeting a phoenix, played by Ebanks, and his attempts to introduce her to his world, by way of pop culture. In one stand-out scene in the film, West uses an ode to Michael Jackson as one of the teaching tools to acclimate the phoenix to her new surroundings. Perhaps paralleling his own bad press in the last year, the phoenix experiences a high level of discrimination causing her to burn herself alive as an escape method to get back to her own world.

Never one to shy away from admitting his mistakes, West continuously touched on his rocky couple of years which began with the passing of his mother. Now single and living alone, the 33-year-old explained that his time out of the spotlight, in which he even contemplated suicide, allowed him to reflect on taking value away from material belongings. "What happens when none of that matters? When you've lost everything?" he asked the crowd.

With just over a month before he drops his sixth album, West will put himself back at the mercy of the public who will judge both his music and his acting skills when 'Runaway,' premieres on BET and MTV on October 23. Despite his personal hardships, West assured the audience that he is rejuvenated and ready to use his platform to speak for those whom he says do not have a voice. "I just want to use my position. You guys [are] why I will not give up on life."