Kanye West's 'Rosewood Movement' -- the one in which he wears suits and encourages others to fancy it up -- fits in more with the fashion community than with music fans. That said, it's no surprise that Ye has already made a splash during New York City's Fashion Week festivities, sitting front row at fashion shows and holding a secret performance at The Standard hotel's Boom Boom Room last night.

The Boom Boom Room is one of the absolute most exclusive venues in New York City. It's small, has a rather serious no-photo policy and the door is harder to get into than a bank vault. Even with all the security, a series of fashion writers and fans were able to sneak a couple photos and tweets out.

The most notable aspect of the performance is that Yeezy, who started his performance at 3AM, appears to have done a couple songs while standing on top of the bar. According to some nightlife spies at New York Magazine, guests included Naomi Campbell, Liv Tyler, Elijah Wood and more, but most couldn't stay up late enough to catch the rapping night owl.

"When he arrived, Standard owner André Balazs led him to a spot by the pool table," they write. "But Kanye was apparently so inspired by seeing his explicit video in the elevator that he soon jumped on the bar to sing 'Power.' The crowd, naturally, went nuts. And the DJs smartly moved into playing 'Good Life,' which Kanye sang along to as well."