After Kanye West was spotted donning nothing but tailored suits a few months ago, the Chi-town emcee revealed his new look was known as the Rosewood Movement. Now fashion aficionados can thank 20-year-old Yale sophomore Cassius Marcellus Cornelius Clay for inspiring Ye's elegant attire (and classy attitude).

According to the, Cassius, who hails from the blue-blood Clay dynasty of businessmen and political figures, met Kanye while perusing the shopping racks of Manhattan's Barney's New York earlier this summer. Known for dressing in suit jackets and expensive Italian designer shoes on a regular basis, the college student's wardrobe caught the rapper's attention, prompting him to graciously comment on Clay's footwear. After a brief exchange around the pricey store, West exited with shopping bags full of wares selected by Clay and promised to keep in touch. And that he did.

The next day, West emailed Clay and the two cemented their client/stylist relationship. West bought a controlling share in the same company that designed Cassius' fancy shoes and called on the 6'5" lanky style star to help him design new footwear. Weeks later, the future Yale graduate began traveling with Ye and his entourage, not only advising him on his wardrobe selections, but also on his personal matters, which may have been the reason why West opted to send Taylor Swift an apology for his past VMA antics via Twitter.

Currently, Clay has not returned to Yale for the 2010-2011 semester, sparking rumors that he has indeed joined the Kanye West posse full-time. Perhaps Clay could also be responsible for the 'Monster' performer's rumored decision to end the feud and roll out on a proposed European tour with his former nemesis 50 Cent.