As it turns out, there are some parties where Kanye West isn't on the list. The Chicago rapper, who was in France for Paris Fashion Week, was allegedly turned away from several runway shows after showing up without an invitation.

During his trip to Europe, Yeezy was pictured attending fashion shows by Vivienne Westwood, Valentino and Givenchy, but faced difficulty when trying to wing it and sneak into other designers' shows. He supposedly tried to check out the latest fashions from Louis Vuitton, but was denied access after arguing with organizers on several occasions. Last Thursday, he was told to scram at the Balmain runway show at Le Grand Hotel, and then retreated to "a separate part of the hotel so people didn't see him."

"Mr. West requested to attend and we let him know we would not be able to accommodate him. He chose to come to the door anyway and we kindly let him know we could not accommodate him," said a rep for Balmain. He also rolled up to Alexander McQueen's show and was let in, though he wasn't invited, either. "He did not make a request to attend, but he came uninvited," said a rep for the label.

Kanye has been on a fashion kick as of lately, attempting to educate himself after purportedly applying for a Masters degree in fashion at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. A rep later denied the story.

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