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A New York City-based photographer has brought a new lawsuit against Kanye West after reportedly sustaining injuries from a scuffle with the rapper's security team almost three years ago.

Michael Vasquez claims that the assault took place during a May 2008 party for Casio's G-Shock watches, in Guastavino's restaurant in Midtown Manhattan. Kanye was on hand to perform at the event, during which Vasquez claims that "his agents, servants and/or employees acting in the course and within the scope of their employment, detained and/or threatened and/or caused plaintiff to suffer injuries."

44-year-old Vasquez went on to say that, "the assault and battery was committed by defendant, Kanye West, [his] agents, servants and/or employees, with malice" and caused him "physical, mental and emotional illness." According to the NY Post, police confirm that Vasquez did file a report hours after the incident, detailing that his cell phone and camera had been confiscated from him during the scuffle.

Police threw out the original case, after finding that the "complaint was unfounded." Vasquez is now seeking an unspecified amount of monetary compensation for his suffering.

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