Kanye West's famously mercurial personality doesn't just extend to his famous onstage sermons. His sensitivity got put on display again on the latest episode of 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians,' which aired Monday (Sept. 1).

The recent episodes have been focused on the road to the couple's much publicized European wedding. As Kim Kardashian talks about what's to come with her friends and family, the show plays a snippet of a recorded and finished version of 'Awesome.' There are no metaphors or dichotomies here; West is straight forward with his feels amidst his Auto-Tuned croon.

“‘Cause baby you’re awesome / Don’t let nobody bring you down," West sings.

West first premiered the song during Adult Swim's 2013 upfronts party. This was before 'Yeezus' dropped, so many were left wondering what direction the album would take. The project turned out to be a futuristic dystrophia sans 'Awesome.' However, the album-closing 'Bound 2' drew attention for West's return to his chipmunk soul roots and being an explicit ode to Kardashian.