A source working Kanye West has revealed that the renegade Chicago rapper is working on an accompanying movie to 'Dark Twisted Fantasy,' his new album.

Ye himself tweeted about being on the set of a movie last week, while pictures from the set found their way to the Web on Wednesday (September 1). "Last day in Prague," he wrote. "We've shot some good stuff so far ... really good ... NO! I mean REALLY GOOD!" West later tweeted about finishing a day of shooting. "Just wrapped for the day. Been shooting 16 hour days. ... I'm so excited. ... It's like a child's delusions become reality!"

In anticipation of his new album, West has been heavy in the studio even vowing to drop new music every week on what he calls 'G.O.O.D. Fridays' -- named after his record label. It is unclear whether or not the movie will be a cinematic adaptation of the music. If so, it wouldn't be the first time that West has delved into film. His last album '808s and Heartbreaks' featured the Spike Jones directed short film 'We Were Once A Fairytale.' West's new album will hit stores in November.

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