Suge Knight's $1 million lawsuit against Kanye West might be forced to trial after a second, failed mediation session between the two heavy weights on Thursday (Aug. 26) in Miami.

The lawsuit stems from a 2005 incident in Miami Beach, where Knight was shot in the leg and allegedly robbed of a $135,000 diamond earring during an MTV VMAs party hosted by West. A Miami federal judge allowed West to attend the second mediation session via the phone, but Suge Knight's lawyer, Marc Brumer, says that the case will likely go to trial, since both sides failed to reach an agreement in the case.

Following the first mediation session in mid-June, Knight and his lawyer reported that West had chosen to give them the silent treatment during the six-hour sit down.

"He basically put his hands over his head and didn't say anything for six hours. He evidently doesn't know anything about anything, despite the fact that he hosted the party," Brumer told the New York Post.

Knight is seeking $1 million in compensation to reportedly cover the costs of a shattered bone in his right leg, which required surgery, physical therapy and over $200,000 in medical expenses.