If you follow Just Blaze on Twitter you already know that Baseline Studios, his legendary recording haven, has been slowly dismantled over last month or so. Today, Blaze revealed that Jan. 28 will be the studio's final day and he'll be holding a wake for friends, family and a few diehard fans. Considering all the iconic material completed at Baseline during the past decade, we can't say we blame him at all.

Baseline will mainly be remembered as the defacto headquarters for Roc-A-Fella in its heyday. Jay-Z recorded some of his most beloved material in collaboration with Just Blaze at the space, including most of the original 'Blueprint' and 'The Black Album.' In a recent video from LTD Magazine, Just discussed his storied history with Hov at the studio.

"All of Jay's records from 'Dynasty' to 'The Black Album' ... the majority of it was done here," he explained. "American Gangster' was when he started working at Sony a little bit. Me and Jay did about 35 records here."

When asked about his favorite Hov collaboration, Just said: "I couldn't even say. There's been so many." Point taken on that one. Of course, Baseline was really Just Blaze's kingdom. He did much more than Jay-Z tracks. Other great collaborations at the space include work with Kanye West, Cam'ron and recent material by Jay Electronica. Essentially, Just helped craft the sound of New York City hip-hop in the 2000s in that room. With the emergence of cheap digital recording and a struggling music industry, Baseline might be one of the last Manhattan studios to achieve a truly iconic, legendary status.