Whether it's at a house party or in music videos, Colt 45 has long-been a part of hip-hop culture. And Juicy J pushes that message further by being the face of the malt liquor's new commercial.

In the TV spot, Juicy ditches the glamorous night life filled with guest lists, velvet ropes and bottle service to chill with his crew away from the spotlight with some Colt 45 in hand. Project Pat, Nasty Mane and Lil Awree also appear in the clip.

"Give us an empty room, a microphone, a few speakers," he narrates while clips of his live performances and an after party are shown. "It's that crowd. It's that stage. It's that beat. Let's keep it real. Let's keep it Colt 45."

Juicy J isn't the first rapper to appear in a Colt 45 commercial. Snoop Dogg, YG and Lil Debbie all starred in their own commercials for the malt liquor.