While most artists would be a bit peeved at the thought of their former label disclosing the parameters of their release, Juelz Santana is not the least bit bothered, especially since the trash talking came from his former mentor. Earlier this month, Cam'ron came out of hiding and revealed that he sold Santana's contract to Def Jam for $2 million. It's unclear whether the MC was boasting about the paycheck he received to release the Dipset youngin', taking a stab at his former ace or delivering a combo of the aforementioned scenarios.

Either way, Santana admits that the comment was unnecessary, but the MC isn't bitter. "I was upset about the part of me being 'sold for $2 million,' " Santana said in a recent interview. "At times like this, nobody is trying to 'sell' me. I could have come out and said, 'Oh, yeah, Cam got bought out.' But I didn't go that route. They just gotta watch me move. We gonna make it hot."

Santana goes on to claim that Cam and Diplomat Records were preventing him from putting out music and collaborating with big name acts. "I'm just gonna say a lot of big records. ... I was on a good portion of those records, or asked to be on a good portion of those records that [Lil] Wayne was on - along with him, not like they asked me before they asked him, or vice versa .... The fans definitely missed out on a lot of Juelz due to my contract."