John Legend gets artistic and up close and personal (seriously, you can, like, see inside his nose) in his stripped-down new video, 'Made to Love.'

The visuals for the 'Love in the Future' single complement the track in more ways than you might think at first blush. While the video is indeed minimalist like much of the song and its production, it also ramps up in terms of eye-catching shots and vibrant colors.

Those shots waltz closely to being not safe for work, but even if they were, the case can easily be made for artistic integrity. The models here might be in the nude, but they're pressed against each other to form a sculpture ... and inevitably get doused in paint. It is, without spoiling much else, an intriguing look for Legend and his track, and a fitting one given his lyric about his woman, "The perfect work of art/ I knew right from the start."

You can watch the video below. 'Love in the Future' is due out Sept. 3.