After catching our attention with the 'Thundher' video/single in early August, 21-year-old Jimi Nxir is back with another strong offering in 'Since September.'

Nxir (which is pronounced Noir) keeps things slow and melodic on this track, which, like 'Thundher, will land on his upcoming 'GXLD' EP. 'Since September' resembles its predecessor in its pacing, but there's a sharp turn in composition that makes it so engaging.

The guitars, for one, are looping in reverse, creating a dizzying effect as the keyboard chord progressions move gracefully alongside Nxir's voice. He messes with his vocals, too, layering and chopping them to serve as his own back-up and maintain that borderline-psychedelic atmosphere. Those elements are particularly prevalent as 'Since September' crawls to its conclusion, leaving you wish there was just a minute more of Nxir's singing. Well, that's what the re-play button is for.

You can stream and/or download 'Since September' below.

[via RBMA]