Jimi Nxir is a New York City-based, multi-talented artist who, with new single 'Thundher,' is a welcome addition to the growing experimental R&B scene.

It's apparent right from the jump that this 21-year-old clearly has a gift for all things musical, as he provides the instrumental and the vocals on this track. The bass creeps in somewhat slowly and provides a backbone to the minimalist drum beat, which pulses ever so slightly beneath Nxir's lovelorn words.

'Thundher,' and its video, is undoubtedly moody and perfectly suited for late nights reminiscing on a lost, perhaps scorned, lover. And even though this is clearly been-there, done-that lyrical content (what isn't?), it's Nxir's soothing voice and chilling production that make this track so gripping.

You can watch the 'Thundher' video below. The song stems from his upcoming EP, 'GXLD,' due out this fall.