Jessie J showed off her sultry side in the visual for 'Bang Bang' and in the new video for 'Burnin' Up,' she takes it further by getting down and dirty.

Set in Los Angeles, the U.K. songstress flaunts her figure in a gold two-piece (there's even a white number) by the pool, all while gets down with a group of backup dancers. The black PVC body suit is a nice touch, too.

With quick camera cuts and flames all over the video, the visual clearly exudes sex. And if you didn't get that point, Jessie makes it clearer as she gets intimate with her leading man.

Meanwhile, 2 Chainz does things a bit differently. As he spits his verse with conviction, he stands between two hot women getting to work with their dance moves.

Summer might be over, but Jessie J keeps that vacation feeling alive here. 'Burnin' Up' is the latest single off her third album, 'Sweet Talker,' which drops on Oct. 14.