There's been a lot of debate lately over whether America is ready for a President who doesn't fit the standard profile -- you know, white, middle-aged, male -- but we have to commend the folks behind a new campaign for really thinking outside the box by launching a Jay-Z for President campaign.

Jordan Bartel of Maryland's Carroll County Times -- the man we plan on turning to when we finally decide to launch that political career -- has put forth ten solid reasons to put the initials H.O.V.A on the White House linens. The litany of arguments includes Jigga's ability to manage wars -- like his recently-ended beef with Nas, a skirmish that ended thanks to negotiation skills Donald Rumsfeld could've take note of -- and his potential to write a new presidential anthem that might replace that dusty old 'Hail to the Chief.'

Meanwhile, President Carter does have a certain, familiar ring to it.

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