Jamie Foxx has found himself in love but he's not taking responsibility for his feelings. The singer puts the blame on the woman who stole his heart on his new song 'Ain't My Fault.'

Although Foxx adds a little grown-and-sexy to the cut, it still could have easily been sung by any 17-year-old R&B newcomer, but that doesn't make it bad -- especially since it has some pretty strong melodies.

"Pop the champagne and let it rain all over the world / Me and my girl, we about to do the twirl on the dance floor," he delivers on the track before serving up his smooth vocals. "Who told you to walk up to me with those Louboutins so high / Baddest bitch I've seen in my life / 'Bout to make your boyfriend cry, make him cry, baby" he sings.

The question remains why Foxx, who can actually sing, chose to use Auto-Tune here.

By the looks of it, the 46-year-old renaissance artist is making a leap back into music as he released 'Party Ain't A Party' with 2 Chainz in September.

There's no telling when we'll see a full album from Foxx, but it's apparent he's testing the waters with these new songs and doing his best stick to contemporary sounds.

Listen to Jamie Foxx's 'Ain't My Fault'