It's been nearly six years since Jamie Foxx released his R&B banger 'Blame It' in 2009, and since then he's been seemingly concentrating on his acting career.

Now the multitalented artist is back with a new single, 'Party Ain't A Party' featuring 2 Chainz. He picks up right where he left off, singing about having a good time at the club.

"Fresh kicks, fresh cut about to roll out / Pull up on the scene pull a roll out / Shorty in the nipple print shirt, is she happy to see me or is it cold out," croons Foxx, using Auto-Tune.

Overall, the song could have the potential to be as big as 'Blame It,' but an underwhelming 2 Chainz verse could hurt its chances. "I keep her straight like a band too, I keep it straight like 12:30 / I f--- over your girl hairdo, if it's curly I straighten it, if it's straightened I leave it curly," he rhymes

The cut borrows from Queen Pen's 1997 song, 'Party Ain't A Party,' which earned the rapper a Soul Train Music Award.

Listen to Jamie Foxx's 'Party Ain't A Party' Feat. 2 Chainz