Popular gossip site Media Takeout is reporting that Kanye West's blonde ambition Amber Rose may be pregnant. According to an "insider," the site claims that 'Ye's on-again-off-again (though from what we've seen, they're mostly on) girlfriend "suddenly and abruptly given up smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol," even going so far as to refuse to allow smokers anywhere near her.

The insider continued to say "She usually never turns down a drink - so something must be up. And to all of a sudden give up cigarettes too ... come on you do the math."

What, an alleged former exotic dancer can't decide to quit smoking and drinking? Maybe 'Ye gave her an ultimatum, though we've got to admit, she even made Newport 100's look sexy. Or perhaps her upcoming pregnancy was the catalyst for his recent 'Amazing' rant at the G-Shock party?