When you think of a comedy duo, Iggy Azalea and Jim Carey probably aren't the first two people you think about but they make a pretty funny team in this week's promo for 'Saturday Night Live.'

In the clip, the two manage to squeeze in four separate gags. In the first one, the veteran comic and actor pokes fun at Iggy's name, saying it in different accents and with different inflections. Afterwards, with just a touch of sarcasm, the 'Fancy' rapper asks "You done?" and uses perfect comedic timing.

In the second skit, Carey introduces Saturday's show, with Iggy adding that it's going to be a Halloween-themed episode. Immediately, the former 'In Living Color' cast member goes into his classic Fire Marshall Bill character, which was one of his more popular characters from the beloved '80s show.

However, the funniest part of the promo is the last skit, in which Carey rocks gold chains and gold fronts, portraying a stereotypical rapper.

"Yo, Yo, Yo, J-Care and Iggy Azalea dropping mad rhymes and jokes up in this...," he says before losing his gold fronts, which causes those in the studio to burst into laughter. He then asks "How do you do this? How do you do it?" referring to how difficult it must be to talk with a bunch of gold in your mouth.

Iggy and Jim will appear on 'SNL' Oct. 25 at 11:30PM on NBC.