In about four weeks, Iggy Azalea's current reign gets a new chapter when she re-releases her album, 'The New Classic: Reclassified,' which will have a handful of new songs. The first one to be released is 'Iggy SZN,' on which she spits frantic raps with her usual fast-paced and throaty delivery.

"Every man needs some Azalea / You want it, you do what I tell ya / You play on my team and get a ring back / You don't you gone end up a failure / I look like a fantasy, your wifey mad at me / Just 'cause hubby is a fan of me," she spits over high-pitched synths.

Despite the constant backlash over the Aussie rapper, and the many questions about her skills, Iggy shows some very strong word play on 'Iggy SZN.' She does a stellar job of blending words together and delivering them convincingly. And she really seems to be aware of the negative chatter surrounding her career and speaks about it several times throughout the song.

"Bitches gon' hate, while the critics critique / I paid them no mind whenever they speak / What they make a year, I can make in a week / I know you can't stand it just get you a seat," she rhymes.

But what she may not realize is that anyone who sincerely loves hip-hop culture is only concerned about one's skill level, not how much they make or what Billboard position they hold. Still, Azalea seems eager to let the haters know she's not bothered by their opinions.

'The New Classic: Reclassified' will be out on Nov. 21.

Listen to Iggy Azalea's 'Iggy SZN'