While members of the hip-hop community have been voicing their opinions on the recent grand jury decision regarding the Michael Brown shooting and Eric Garner chokehold cases, Iggy Azalea has come out with her own thoughts on how people can do more than just troll on social media.

After a grand jury in New York decided that Officer Daniel Panteleo would not be indicted for putting Garner, who suffered from asthma, in a chokehold that later killed him, 'The New Classic' rapper took to the social media site to share a link to a Bustle piece that lists ways we can support the Brown family and Ferguson.

The sound off was inspired by longtime rival Azealia Banks, who called out Iggy for staying silent on the grand jury decisions. So instead of fight back by throwing some serious shade, the American Music Awards winner tried to just say her piece about how her supporters -- and critics -- should put change into action offline.

She also directed her followers' attention to the fact that the link she posted to help out in the wake of Mike Brown's death received the least amount of tweets.

With 10 tweets in total, Iggy has shared her thoughts on the issue and hopes everyone will take the next step and put words into action.

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