Sometimes you wonder if the hardest working guys in the business ever take a day off. Is this the case for Yo Gotti, even on his birthday? He turns 34 years old today (May 19).

Although his notoriety is fairly recent, Yo Gotti has been rhyming since he was a 14-year-old coming out of Memphis, Tenn. His career has been undoubtedly helped by his affiliation with some of the best rappers to come out of the south. The rapper scored minor hits with Lil Wayne (2009's "Women Lie, Women Lie"), YG and Jeezy (2013's "Act Right"), and Rich Homie Quan (2013's "I Know). His most recent was Snootie Wild's catchy "Yayo," on which he was featured.

Yo Gotti's solo album success has been a bit of a grind. After pushing less than 100,000 units of 2012's Live From the Kitchen, his first major label debut, Yo Gotti returned with I Am. The album barely managed to make it to top six figures.

But low album sales haven't slowed his hustle. Yo Gotti is working on his third studio album, The Art of Hustle, which should be dropping this year. He also founded the CMG (Collective Music Group) label, to which Snootie Wild is signed. It looks like Yo Gotti isn't stopping anytime soon.

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